Get to Know Us

The staff at La Pink are experts in dressing women and providing them with high-quality clothing along with impeccable fashion tips.  La Pink is inspired by the passion to enhance and transform a woman’s sense of self through fashion.

It is no secret that it takes only a few seconds for someone to pass judgment on us based on our appearance.  Our clothing and our sense of style “speak” even before we do.  The mission at La Pink is to assist women in selecting a wardrobe that makes a statement: that they are unique, sensuous,  intelligent and overall amazing individuals. We demystify fashion, ridding clients of all the rules that do not apply.  We believe there is no such thing as rules in fashion; instead guidelines to adopt based on a woman’s sense of style. We like to consider ourselves “fashion counselors”. We can assist in picking out attire that looks great, as well as help provide our customer with the tools to add an element of artistry and creativity to their style.